How To Take Care Of Your Awning In Autumn/Winter

Whether you are planning on getting out and about over the next few months, or you are waiting for the nicer weather to return, now is the time to make sure that your awning is in the best possible condition to prolong its life and make sure you are ready for your next trip.

Awning maintenance checklist:

Clear any debris

It can be easy to put your vehicle into storage and forget about doing a last clean around the awning rail, but it is common for bits of debris to have collected there, so make sure you clear it, as it could damage your awning and your paintwork. You can even find patio screens, awnings and security shutters.

You should try to avoid parking your vehicle underneath any trees, as this is where the majority of debris comes from.

Repair any rips or tears

Closely inspect your awning to check for any rips or tears, small holes can be quite easily fixed but if you leave them, they will quickly get worse and require more work to fix them. You should also look for any other signs that there are any structural problems with your awning and get them fixed as soon as possible.

Cleaning and treating the fabric

The best way to clean your awning is while it is still on its frame and preferably on a warm day so it dries off quickly. Once you have cleared any debris with a brush with soft bristles, the next step is to give the fabric a wash.

If there are any patches of dirt, spray it with some mild soapy water. If there are any signs of mildew, you will need to spend some time to clear this using a soft bristle brush and the water with mild soap and then rinse it thoroughly.