Trade Show Printing and Direct Mail Campaigns

Convention organizers need to realize that the printing trade show is not limited to daily events and brochures. Because of the economy, convention attendees have higher expectations than ever before. Every trip to a convention must be justifiable and inspected and it was difficult for the participants to do this when convention organizers have little bid by means of a customized service.

Moving Beyond Generic Postcard Mailer

It's not unusual for large organizations to use a personal letter to the initial announcement and a postcard mailer to a convention. This is the basic level of service and sometimes it can be done at home. But the letters are often generic and easy to see that they are not really private. You can check out direct mail marketing services for getting more detailed information about mailing services.

Show organizers and exhibitors have to work with a commercial printer that can create multi-style campaign based on your interests and activities prior to the trade show attendees. For example, more personalized mailers must include information specific to the responsibility of industry, location, and job these participants.

Custom Direct Mail Campaign

Organizers must prove that attend the event will benefit the company by showing that an array of information would be impossible to find elsewhere. After the initial invitation, the organizers must implement direct mail campaigns: mailing list of exhibitors, presentations and lectures that may attract potential participants.

Although it can be convenient to do this via email, organizers also need to use the print version for the commitment showed physical matter. Plus, custom printed direct mail is more likely to be opened from an email.