The Silver Age Of The Best Comic Books

The Silver Age of the best comic books was a period that lasted about a decade and a half by 1956-1970. This period was noteworthy for the extreme increase in popularity of comic books during this time. That growth in fame originated from many sources and the Silver Age of comic book paved the way for comic books for a long time, still affecting comic books from now.

The Silver Age of comic stands out because of its radically improved art. Finer detail has been utilized and brighter colours were also utilized to produce the characters and the activity stand out better. The top comic books were activity-filled and the actions jumped off the page. 

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The arrangement and narrative telling of the comics were evolving to portray emotion, story lines and actions or dialog scenes. The largest change from its previous age, the Golden Age, was in the Silver Age of comic books the attention was firmly on superheroes.  Superheroes as well as the villains they fought were basically the sole attention of comic books in this period of time. 

Furthermore, these superheroes were being created more human. The stories of how they became superheroes commonly involved science fiction narrative lines, striking emotional and personal difficulties or both. This shift from the plots, characters and stories of comic has been hammered on by the Comics Code.

The Comics Code Authority was made in 1954 in an attempt to standardize and enhance comic books for centuries, after getting nationwide attention and criticism from politicians. Therefore, there was an alteration in the leadership comics were shifting, which change concentrated all attempts onto the superhero genre.