How to Use Art and Artwork to Enhance Boys Bedrooms

While jungle bedding and jungle-themed toys are hot topics for boys bedroom accessories, you'll find more neutral colors that will match any decor. You can also choose storage beds for the maximum amount of space. For older boys, you can opt for a desk so your son can get work done. Whether it's a simple bookcase or a fully-functioning computer station, art evokes different emotions and will enhance the room's aesthetic appeal.

Jungle bedding is a trending option for boys' bedroom accessories

If you're looking for the latest in boys' bedroom accessories, consider a jungle theme. While your child will most likely enjoy the jungle animals and plants, a jungle-themed room can also be a fun way to encourage his imagination. If you don't want to purchase bedding with a jungle-themed design, consider buying wallpaper instead. Wallpaper has the added advantage of being more sophisticated than bedding, making it easy to update your child's room as he grows.

If you are unsure where to start your search for bedding, try Macy's. The website has a plethora of bedding, ranging from classic blue and white to trendy animal prints. The site is transparent about product quality, making it easy to choose what you want. Macy's is another great place to find bedding for your boy, since they often offer popular brands at a killer price.

Storage beds maximize space

If you're decorating a small boy's room, you can save space by installing a storage bed. Storage beds are multipurpose pieces of furniture that have many storage options. Some are made with drawers, while others have shelves. Either way, storage is a great feature for a small room and will free up floor space for other accessories. Some storage beds even have recessed cubbies for special treasures like a favorite toy or book.

To maximize space for boys bedroom accessories, consider a bed with hidden storage underneath the mattress. A bed with a headboard can provide additional storage space, while a storage unit underneath can be hidden away for easy access. Other storage options are decorative bins, milk crates, or woven baskets. If space is at a premium, look into a bed with a built-in desk. Both types of storage beds have convenient storage facilities throughout the nation.

Sky blue is a neutral color

If you're decorating a boy's room, you can add sky blue to your scheme. While sky blue can look too masculine in a room full of pink frills, it makes the room feel calming and dreamy. When paired with a dominant accent color, sky blue can make the hotter hue the star. You can even combine sky blue with a more feminine color, like a ruffled flannel sheet.

A soft shade of sky blue is a great choice. The Benjamin Moore shade of sky blue, Amsterdam, is a great choice. It's a cool, neutral color and will add a classic feel to your boy's room. It also pairs well with other colors, making it a versatile choice for boys bedroom accessories. You can change the accessories in this color scheme to match your child's personality.

Art elicits emotions

For children, art can be a powerful way to express their emotions and evoke a sense of wonder. The optimal visual artworks evoke meta-emotions, which are multiple emotional responses triggered simultaneously by the work. Complexity and formal qualities of the work are essential to eliciting such reactions. Works lacking these qualities are unlikely to produce such responses. For these reasons, art that evokes these feelings should be used with care and consideration.

While many psychologists believe that emotions are fundamental, most of us recognize them as being useful for moving us toward an incentive and away from a threat. Positive emotions occur when a goal is achieved, while negative emotions arise when a goal is missed. However, a disinterested buffer can adapt the basic states of pain and pleasure to aesthetic experiences. It can then analyze similar experiences from a distance and interpret them in new ways.

Built-in sleeping loft is a great idea for a small room

Adding a built-in sleeping loft to a small room is an excellent way to maximize the space in a limited area. Not only can it be used as extra space, it can also be made out of sturdy materials to support the mattress. You can construct the platform out of plywood or 2×4 braces. It is also advisable to add a guard rail to keep your mattress securely in place.

A loft bed can be converted into a private room if you want. Kids will love to climb the wall above the bed, and it will make bedtime much easier. You can also install a full-size locker underneath the bed for storage purposes. Loft beds are available at a range of prices, and you can find a number of styles at IKEA. You can choose one that fits your room's style and budget.

DIY storage options

If you don't have a lot of space in your son's room, consider making DIY storage options for boys' bedroom accessories. For instance, you can turn an old spice rack into a picture ledge or mount a pegboard on a wall. The pegboard has holes spaced evenly over the surface, so it's easily rearranged to accommodate new playthings and supplies. If your child is particularly active, you can also build adjustable shelving that will adapt to his height and interests.

Another great DIY storage option for boys' bedrooms is cube organizers. These can double as a shelf and come with bins or baskets for clothes, stuffed animals, and books. You can also make your child's room look bigger by incorporating an all-in-one art supply station with built-in storage cabinets. A bed alone can take up most of the space, but you can also make it taller to add storage space.