Healing Your New Tattoo With Petroleum Jelly

The healing time for a tattoo is about a week. General health, personal hygiene, and physical condition play an important role. The tattoo may itch during the healing process.

Personal hygiene is very important during treatment. Immediately after applying the tattoo, it is covered with a transparent film. Cover your tattoo with foil for 48 hours and change the foil every 6 hours! You should also buy the best non-petroleum jelly for tattooed skin to make the healing process easy.

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After the first 48 hours, you will no longer need to put plastic wrap on your tattoo. From now on, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly about 5 times a day and do not use any other ointment. Tattoos should never dry out, so apply at the right time!

When the skin is completely peeled off, you can stop applying the ointment. Do not use wound disinfectants such as sterile or betadine on tattoos. Don’t put a bandage on the tattoo. The tattoo must receive sufficient oxygen as it speeds up the healing process. 

Any contact with baths, chlorine baths, whirlpools, and natural swimming should be avoided during the healing process. Also, don’t use a sauna or steam bath. Don’t dip your tattoo. Do not expose the tattoo to the sun or solarium, even with sunscreen.

If your tattoo has healed after a while, it is still very important to scrub the tattoo by at least a factor of 10 with a good sunscreen while in the sun. If you experience severe redness, swelling, bleeding, discoloration, or pain, always call your doctor right away.