Find Affordable Cigars That Don’t Skimp on Flavor

Fine cigar collecting is a luxurious pastime for discerning men and women. You'll find yourself wishing for more as you discover the rich world of flavors, aromas, and carefully crafted blends that make great cigars. If  you want to experience the true taste of a cigar you must try some classy cigars.

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For true cigar lovers, sampling new varieties is the greatest thrill. However, great smokes can be expensive. Consider your preferences before you invest a lot of money to build a collection. You can accumulate great specimens by being a savvy smoker and doing some diligent searching.

The Conuco Robusto Natural is a great value cigar for those on a budget. This exquisitely handcrafted beauty packs a powerful dose of flavor at a low price.

Rocky Patel's Honduran Classic Robusto Natural cigars are another crowd favorite that has a good reputation and is affordable. These exceptional cigars can be purchased with either Corojo wrappers or Maduro wrappers, for a more traditional flavor.

Nestor Plasencia's Maroma Robustos are a rare cigar that can offer the same quality and flavor as Nestor's. Maroma Robustos are affordable, but they don't sacrifice flavor or construction

The Robusto Natural, another top-shelf offering by Rafael Gonzalez at a very affordable price, is a Honduran equivalent to a Cuban favorite. These medium-bodied cigars are a tempting product. They have lots of flavor with hints of nuttiness, and a smooth, crisp finish.