Commercial Mortgage Loans In Paraguay

Lenders provide commercial mortgage loans to finance the purchase of property and equipment or to cover operating costs for business or commercial purposes. These loans typically have lower interest rates (6%-13% vs. residential loans). 

Commercial mortgage loans can be used to establish and improve a business. Real estate professionals who are involved in the acquisition, construction and refinance of properties are the main beneficiaries of commercial-mortgage loans. To know more about mortgage loans visit

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Secured loans for commercial mortgages are those that require collateral, such as a property or business asset. These loans must be repaid within a set time period, just like home mortgages. These loans usually come with a 2% arrangement fee. Fixed or adjustable rate commercial mortgage loans are available. These loans may be repaid for as long as 10 years or longer.

The repayment terms for commercial mortgage loans are more flexible than traditional loans. You can choose to pay monthly, biweekly or annually. Many lenders offer fixed interest only periods. Commercial mortgage loans can be repaid by borrowing additional funds from assets that you have purchased with the loan.

It can be difficult to qualify for commercial mortgage loans. The lender will consider the resale price of the property, income from the property, credit history of your company, income resources, as well as the worthiness and reliability of the guarantor. The lender will determine the minimum amount of commercial mortgage loans that is available.