Choose the Best Night Light for Children’s Room

Do you get tired of hearing a child scream in the middle of the night? Perhaps they are afraid of the bogeyman or that their stuffed animal has turned into a monster? A night light is the best solution. This will not only help your child sleep better, but will also allow you to get in enough light to give them a goodnight hug and kiss without needing to turn the light on. You can buy different types of sky night light projector and night light for kids from The Wave Lights.

Below are some tips to help choose the right nightlight for your child.

1. Consider the theme for your child’s bedroom

You might choose a nightlight that has a jungle theme for your child. If you have a sports theme for your child, you should pick a light that is focused on one sport. Plaids, stripes, and/or Polka dots are another popular theme for children’s bedrooms. With these themes, you should play up many color contrasts such as red/green or pink/pink, blue/brown etc.

2. Consider the gender of your child

For girls, pink and purple make great choices. Blue and green nightlights are excellent choices for boys. If you don’t know the gender of your child and are pregnant, the primary colors of bright red, yellow and blue can be used. However, any shade of green, from lime green to apple green, can be used. Night lights in buttery yellow, mint, peach, and lavender are all options for a soft palette.

3. Check to see if the light bulb is already installed

If it doesn’t, I recommend buying a fluorescent lightbulb. They not only produce better quality light but also last longer. You will also save money in the long-term because they use less energy than standard light bulbs.