3M Protection Film For Defending Vehicle

The paint protection film is an optically transparent film that can be applied to covers, fenders, rearview mirrors, bumpers, door frames, pillars, wheel covers, and more. The 3M protective lacquer film offers outstanding flexibility and resistance to road dirt, general wear and tear, minor hail damage, and other elements.

A protective coating for paint cannot protect against moderate to severe hail damage but must be taken into account in case of minor damage and other effects. The 3M protective lacquer film offers UV resistance and does not yellow or change its appearance, offering long-term invisible protection. You can get the 3M xpel protection services in Edmonton.

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Enjoy an outstanding installation that guarantees optical clarity and high performance. We offer the fastest and hassle-free installation ensuring your car is ready for the upcoming hail season. Factory paint protection can keep your car fresh and new for longer.

3M Paint Protection Film is a transparent polyurethane film that protects car paint and other smooth surfaces from sawdust, scratches, insect damage, road tar stains, car fluid stains, and outdoor weather conditions. The 3M Paint Shine & Shield coating is hydrophobic because it provides a water film that prevents water from adhering to the surface of your car.

If you are the kind of person who wants your car to be perfect, with glossy paint, and plans to preserve the value to the highest possible standard, the paint protection film is worth it. The paint protection film is nearly undetectable and has self-healing properties to keep swirls away.