Choose Concrete Waffle Boards For Home Construction

Concrete waffle boards are widely used in industrial and commercial construction, while wood and metal waffle boards are used in various other construction sites. You can choose the waffle pod slabs for a cost-effective residential construction.

Buy waffle pod concrete slab via Nicsons Building Products that are constructed "above the ground" rather than "in the ground", eliminating the need for labor-intensive trenches – which are required in conventional methods of constructing concrete slabs.

Construction is carried out on a clean and level surface, which means work can continue continuously in wet weather. And waffle slabs allow for a more precise specification of the amount of concrete. This causes:

– Less waste

– Minimal impact on the environment

– Less ground disturbance

– No rubble dug up to throw away

Waffle pods are the ideal solution for "on the floor" plates, the air pockets created by the pods form an insulating layer between the building and the floor. The waffle pod slabs System is an innovative method for constructing concrete slabs that offers high strength and durability while significantly reducing construction costs.

The waffle pod plate develops its strength from different heights above the ground. The reason for this is that the height of the slab depends on how deep the beam is and the deeper the beam, the stronger the slab.

The main advantage of this technology is its strong foundation, which includes crack and sag resistance. Waffle slabs also withstand much higher loads than traditional concrete slabs.