Health Benefits Of Nicotine

Although frowned upon for being a partaker in the multitude of tobacco-caused fatalities reported each year, nicotine in freebase form can have remarkable effects on the body; most, if not all of them being remedially beneficial.

Nicotine, in and of itself, does not cause disease. One of nicotine's metabolites, cotinine, improves memory and protects brain cells from diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's according to a recent government study.

Alzheimer's disease is caused by a loss of nicotinic receptors in the brain resulting in acetylcholine deficiency. Without the chemical acetylcholine, the brain's memory function becomes impaired and numerous other adverse mental conditions develop.

By artificially replacing acetylcholine through nicotine therapy, the damaging effects of Alzheimer's diseases on the brain are inhibited. These findings are recent and still undergoing research to develop more sophisticated treatment methods.

Experimental treatment of genetically modified rats has proven to be incredibly successful, but nicotine therapy may take years until endorsed by medical authorities and utilized as a known treatment option.

Individuals suffering from hypothyroidism may also benefit from nicotine's remarkable remedial effects that can help alleviate some of the learning and memory problems associated with the condition. Acetylcholine, the chemical responsible for the brains memory and learning capabilities can be supplemented by nicotine and restore the brain to a normal functional state.