What Are The Best Techniques For Welding Stainless Steel?

The best method for welding  stainless steel is similar to asking what's the best method for going fishing? It's a matter of a variety of factors, such as what kind of stainless steel, how thick, what's the purpose, and what kind of industry.

The majority of stainless steel used in the sector of foodservice is the 300 series. The type 304 is .063" thickness stainless steel sheet is the exact. If you walk into any Fast food store and look at the counters, shelves and cookers you'll notice that they are all made of the welded stainless steel sheet metal. You can also find the best TIP TIG stainless steel welding services at TIP TIG USA for your business.

tig welding stainless

Food regulations require 304 stainless steel be used in areas for food preparation because it is not rusty easily. Welds should be done in that they do not trap bacteria or other dirt. The backsides of stainless steel welds must be protected with argon to ensure they do not become filled with pits and sugar which could hold bacteria such as salmonella. 

All wire brushing needs to be performed using stainless steel brushes and welding that isn't seamless should be blended using an abrasive wheel. Then, they should be cleaned using alcohol.

Tig welding is usually the most efficient method since spatter and slag are not present. Tig welding rods must be 308L to ensure that they can weld stainless 304. L stands for low carbon sinceThe alloys of stainless steel employed in the aviation and aerospace industries are diverse.