Ways to Enhance School Safety During After School Dismissal

It's no secret that after school safety is the main concern for parents with school-age children, especially with the overflow of news about school shootings and violence, bullying, accidents, etc. In particular, termination at the end of the day tends to involve less adult supervision, which means students may be at greater risk of experiencing danger. However, schools can – and must – be proactive in creating a safe after school environment. If you don't have a plan to stop school or just want to re-evaluate your current plan, check out our six suggestions below to improve the security of your school during termination.

Carpool Tag

We will go crazy if we don't mention our carpool tag. We have a whole page devoted to explaining what it is and how it works but the basic idea is to help arrange pickup routes after your school. This helps school safety by reducing the number of students who walk when parents pick up their children.

Collectively make policies for terminating schools

Planning is key when it comes to ensuring school safety, such as keeping ears open for advice from everyone involved in the process. Sit down with school administrators, parents, teachers, and other stakeholders to jointly plan a school dismissal (like this) that will work best for all involved. Don't forget to communicate the policy through your school's e-mail, letter and website

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Educate parents, guardians, and students

The termination policy is only effective if the intended audience understands it and agrees to follow it. In addition to asking teachers to discuss termination procedures with students in class, ask parents and guardians to read the policy with their children at home, too. Then, everyone must sign an agreement to show their commitment to follow the dismissal plan.

Practice, practice, practice

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Some of the best learning by doing, so ask your students to practice leaving class and go to the area specified in the mock school stop. Do this several times, if necessary, especially during the first weeks of school. Consider making it a contest, and reward a class who does the best work calmly and orderly leaving the class during practice.