Multi-Stage Pumps With All the Right Features

Many people don't know the difference between single-stage and multistage pumps. The main difference is in the impellers used in their operation. Multi-stage pumps are equipped with multiple impellers that rotate or circulate near the shaft. This is in contrast to a single-stage pump.

Companies offer a variety of options in the areas of multi-stage mining pumps, horizontal Multistage Stainless Steel pumps, horizontal Multistage Oil pumps, and mining slurry pumps that you can check out through their websites. Both the first and second pumps have similar features and are very efficient.

Both pumps are self-balancing. Each pump has a capacity between 6.3 and 100 cubic meters, with a working pressure of 7.5-8.8 bar. The first pump is used for water drainage and water supply to factories, cities, and mines. The second pump is for underground drainage and mine drainage. It can handle more water.

Horizontal Multistage Stainless Steel Pump is the same size and works at the same pressure as other models. This pump can handle corrosive liquid that doesn't contain solid particles. It has a temperature range of -20 to105 degrees Celsius. The liquid's properties can be adjusted to determine the pump's characteristics, such as the driving mode, sealing, pump material, proportion, and concentration.

This pump is used to transport corrosive liquids for chemical processing, oil chemical industry, and coal chemical industry. Another model is available with a pressure range from 1.7 to 100 bar and a capacity of 6.3 to 850 cubic meters.