Anti-Aging Skincare – Skin Tightening

How often is skin tightening required? In some instances, it is a fact that invasive surgery is the only option. In reality, more of the time, sagging or loose skin can be corrected through non-invasive procedures that will give you the results you're looking for.

Skin looseness is usually the reason why people seek to tighten their skin. This doesn't only apply to the face. It can be done across the entire body. Skin tightening laser treatment is an option for all and the results are amazing without the discomfort associated with invasive surgery.

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The most dramatic results are possible for the neck and face of fair-skinned persons and Asians by using a CO2 laser. The most aggressive treatment for lasers is offered to get the desired results. 

For all body parts, Titan laser is recommended since it is more efficient than CO2 laser. Results last for about two years, however, multiple treatments are needed to achieve the desired result.

Other products require less energy, however, these also require multiple treatments before obtaining the desired results.

The time to be allotted by CO2 lasers ranges from one to two weeks. Other lasers that utilize lower energy levels will have three to six days of downtime.