Roundup is Identified As Harmful to Honey Bees

Roundup is commonly used as a weed killer. Scientists at the University of Texas at Austin now have suggested a link between it with the death of bees. What is it and what happens?

Most of us are familiar with Roundup. Homeowners use them for weeds on sidewalks and other problems here and there. But that was nothing compared with the widespread use of Agriculture which is why it is so scary.

Roundup is the brand name of the chemical herbicide known as glyphosate which entered the market in 1974. It is now widely used. An estimated 300 million pounds of Roundup applied for US Farmland every year.

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Monsanto Roundup Cancer Warning

Meanwhile, there is a worrying trend in the world of honeybees. They are dying. It is very bad and about that it has its own name – Colony Collapse Disorder, or CCD. Honey bee population decline of about 44% every year. If you started 10 years ago with one million bees, if you are in business again at all, you will have fewer than 1,000 today.

Many studies have been conducted to find out why bees are dying and glyphosate producers insist that there is no research to suggest a link between their products and the health of honeybees.

Ironically, scientific data can be skewed to argue anything. The manufacturer glyphosate state was harmless. However, the installation of accumulated data showed massive damage caused by this cannot be found-in – Nature-synthetic-killer.