Maintain Your Automatic Swimming Pool Safety Cover

All mechanical equipment requires a certain amount of preventive maintenance. It can be a complete overhaul for the simple replacement of damaged parts. In industrial or commercial settings, routine maintenance is an ongoing procedure in order to maintain routine operations.

When equipment breaks down, there can be an irreversible loss of income and working hours. Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance keeps these losses to a minimum, even prevent them altogether. You can find automatic pool enclosures through

This article discusses the importance of preventive maintenance on the cover of the automatic swimming pool safety, as well as items of long-term replacement.

Moose Jaw Pool Enclosure1

All automatic safety cover consists of the same basic components: a drive mechanism, a tracking system, and fabric cover. Cover manufacturers today use high-quality materials for their pool cover system, which allows for increased warrantees.

The most frequently replaced components in an automatic swimming pool cover is a slider and a guide who hold the leading edge of the sheet and guiding the fabric cover to the track, respectively. This slider and guides made of high-density plastic molecules for strength and durability.

As the fabric cover is opened and closed, these parts gradually wear down. After two or three years to wear can cause damage that would generally leave the cover system is inoperable. Changing the slider and the guide before the damage, generally every two years, is always recommended.

The most frequently replaced second is pull string. An excessive slider worn or damaged may cause the strap to break and wear out or frozen pulley. There are even cases where evidence of mice gnaw through the rope has been present. When the rope breaks, blankets cannot be used to cover the pool, creating a safety hazard.