Major Benefits Of Reflexology Therapy

Reflexology is the art of foot massage. This has been used for centuries. This involves manipulation of the foot by applying pressure to 7,000 nerve endings.

It's soothing, relaxing, and especially suitable for people who might be reluctant to try traditional massage because it doesn't interfere, just need socks and shoes to take off.

You will lie on a massage table or special chair designed for reflexology and your Reflection Expert will put pressure on various parts of your foot, using the pressure of your thumb and fingers. You can get various benefits from reflexology by clicking on

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You will help determine the amount of pressure, depending on the sensitivity of your foot. The tender area will not be avoided because it is important to stimulate all points. When you relax, the softness will fade.

In addition to relaxation, reflexology has been shown to increase circulation, helping to eliminate waste products such as stress hormones and lactic acid.

It reduces muscle tension and pain, reduces healing time for injuries. It also enhances immune function, improves skin tone through increased circulation, and can even help your ability to concentrate.

The more reflections you receive, the more you feel the benefits. If you are stressed out from everyday life, overwork or injury, reflexology can send a calming and intentional message to your nervous system that responds positively.

In addition, your therapist can teach you to work with your own feet which gives you valuable self-care tools. Return your body to balance, release tension, enjoy time fully devoted to you and your well-being with the beautiful art of reflexology.