How To Choose The Best Garden Sun Lounger For You

Rattan outdoor sun lounger chairs are a perfect addition to any backyard. They are made from the strongest rattan fiber available and give you years of comfortable use. Ranging in size from small to extra large, they are easy to store away and can be used throughout the summer. They offer the best protection from the weather, keeping you cool and comfortable while out in the sun.

A rattan sun lounger is designed with comfort in mind. It has an expandable panel of wicker or grass cloth that easily adjusts to your own personal height and angle of recline. The wicker weave ensures your seating furniture will endure for years and the sun will seldom ever fade. In the end, it's all about your comfort and enjoyment, so get one that works well with your style.

The key to a good rattan sun lounger is its unique combination of comfort and durability. A thick cover with a waterproof cover offers the best protection and a sturdy base offer the foundation upon which your chair is built. To protect the fabric, it is coated with a powder-coated steel frame. Powder-coated frames offer the best protection against abrasion and cracking, as well as rusting. For a powder-coated steel frame, look for one with a durable finish.

The most popular choice for rattan sun lounger chairs are the sleigh style. Sleigh sun loungers feature an aluminum frame with a foldable seat and arm rests. However, if space is at a premium, you might want to consider the bench version, which offers similar comfort with a space-saving storage container. Both the aluminum frame and storage container can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of seating positions. This allows you to create an attractive seating arrangement in small spaces. Some bench models even feature an adjustable foot rest, allowing you to use your legs while enjoying the cooling shade of the seat.

If you want to add a seating area to your backyard, the perfect option is a daybed or futon sun lounger. This versatile piece of furniture can be a focal point for your backyard landscape or serve as a simple, functional side table. To create the ultimate space-saving combination, look for a freestanding daybed with an adjustable frame that doubles as a comfortable sofa.

If you want a more elaborate rattan sun lounger, you can also opt for a daybed with canopy. A canopy is not a literal shade, but rather a fabric enclosure that allow the sun to shine through your cushions. To further increase the comfort of your daybed, look for padded cushions that are fully reversible. You can use one side for a couch and flip the other side over for a comfy bed. With additional pillows, you can create the ideal coziness for two at night.

The best garden sun lounger will come with a variety of features and accessories. Before you buy, make sure the sun lounger features sturdy metal legs so it doesn't tip over when you're out on a breezy day. Also inspect the cushions for fraying or tearing. The cover, which is usually constructed from durable nylon, should have multiple pockets to keep your belongings secure. The most important feature of any rattan sun lounger is its comfort, so choose one with adjustable armrests that allow you to customize the amount of rest you need.

When shopping for a sun lounger, make sure the frame is made from heavy-gauge rattan so you get the maximum durability. Choose between padded cushions and fully adjustable backrests. The more features you have, the more comfortable and relaxing you'll be.