Laser Hair Removal, Benefits, Recovery And Risks

If you are not comfortable with shaving, tweezing or waxing to clear away unwanted hair since the treatment of laser hair removal is the best option.

How is the procedure performed?

According to the laser light or the source used. You and your doctor need to wear goggles pertinent eyes. With eye protection, it is also necessary to take care of the superficial layer of the skin with a cold gel or cooling device for special use.

Before starting the laser hair extraction procedure the hair to be treated will be adorned a certain size and laser adjustments are made based on the type, colour and thickness of your hair and your complexion.

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After completion of the procedure, you will be recommended ice packs and anti-inflammatory creams and lotions to deal with irritation. The treatment continues with a gap of four to six weeks until the bristles are limited to grow.

Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

  • Laser hair removal can easily remove the rigid hair and dark skin while leaving unharmed circling.

  • Compared to other conservative treatments, laser hair removal procedure is much more effective because it can treat many hairs in a split second.

  • Laser hair removal offers permanent results, but it takes three to seven sessions.

Pre-procedural Advice For Laser Hair Removal

  • If you prepare to choose a hair removal procedure, you need six weeks limiting plucking and waxing before the procedure.

  • Avoid going into the sun before and after the treatment of laser hair removal because it can bring complexity.

  • Recovery and Risk.

  • For a few days after laser treatment your skin may look like it is sunburned, to treat these conditions, you need to apply cold compresses and moisturizers may help.