Some Tips On Canvas Wall Art Decor

Wall-hung canvases shouldn't be limited to just sticking nails into the wall, attaching a wire to hang on the back of the canvas, and supporting pictures on your dowels. 

There are creative ways to get art out of this standard method. Hanging pictures in an unusual way can add visual interest to your room. You can also look for the 5 panel canvas wall art through the web.

5 Panel Wall Art Canvas Prints

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Here are 3 creative ways to hang your photos:

1. Frames – Frames allow you to make your pictures more formal. Frames can be expensive if you adapt them to your artwork. A less expensive way to frame your images is to get ready-made frames from a home accessory or art store. 

2. Masking tape – you can use a nice ribbon to hang your canvas on the wall. Instead of attaching picture wire to the back, you can attach two pieces of tape to the top left and right of the canvas and tie them in the ribbon with a small gap between the braided tape and the canvas. 

3. Grouping – You can group several small paintings to create artwork on the wall or hallway. This is ideal when you have a lot of cover space but only have small paintings or photo frames.

Canvas wall art should complement the existing environment and home design. Think about the color theme, furniture style, and personal taste of your artwork.