What Makes Mediterranean Cuisine Different From Other Cuisines?

The Mediterranean is bordered by continents such as Europe, Asia and Africa. With so many different cultures, it's no surprise that Mediterranean cuisine is one of the most diverse.

Mediterranean cuisine is famous for its Italian and Greek cuisine, but there is much more variety in this very unique cuisine. While there are many clear differences, each continent shares more than the rest of the world. They also have similarities in the dishes they serve.

Mediterranean food is also known for its myriad of ingredients and flavors. Not infrequently we find many dishes made from fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. To find out more about the Mediterranean food visit Souq International Markets.

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Another popular Mediterranean food is yogurt. Mediterranean people have come up with many creative ways to use yogurt. This unique blend adds flavor to your dish and complements the dish served.

The Mediterranean diet is considered healthy because it takes into account the eating habits of the Mediterranean people. People on this continent tend to cook their meals with olive oil, which is known to be better for cholesterol levels and heart health.

Many dishes are also jam-packed with fresh herbs, vegetables such as eggplant, zucchini, cucumber and olives.

Their total daily fat intake was found to be 25 to 35%, while Americans are claimed to eat around 45%. You also eat calcium-fortified foods like cheese and yogurt every day.

They also only eat red meat a few times a month and eat less than four eggs a week. Their protein choices are poultry and fish and they prefer fruit for dessert.