What is Vehicle Registration?

The state of Florida imposes a vehicle registration tax to allow legal operation on public roads. It includes your license plate, registration sticker, and certificate. 

Your car tags and registration sticker, also known as the car stickers, need to be renewed every 1 or 2, while your license plate needs to be renewed every 7-10 years. 

You will need to renew your license plate when it comes time to renew tags (registration stickers and cards). You can also Renew Your Vehicle Registration Easily Online.

RTO new vehicle registration process: online status, renewal

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You will need to prove ownership (title) or insurance, except for boats and motorcycles, as well as pay registration fees. These fees vary depending on the type of vehicle, vehicle weight, intended use, and other factors.

Temporary registrations-

A temporary license plate may be available for those who have purchased a motor car in Florida but are residents of another state. In this case, you will not require Florida vehicle tags (sticker or card). 

You will need to show proof of Florida-issued or home-issued insurance and proof that you are out-of-state. You will need to pay the required sales tax in your home state. 

Most states will give you credit after you register your vehicle and go to title it. However, West Virginia, Arkansas, and Mississippi do not currently offer this service. These 3 states will require you to pay the sales tax once again.