Templates For Funeral Memorial Card In Dublin

These funeral memorial cards are half as large as a traditional, standard-sized letter-size funeral program. This is why they have been given this name. 

Memorial Cards in Dublin can be used to create a mini memorial service plan. They are also available in a 2-up format. These templates are available from popular online resources.

Because of their size, this type of funeral program layout works well. They are small enough to mail and can be tucked into a Bible or scrapbook. This type of card is used by most families to include a photograph of the loved one, along with a paragraph and a few scriptures.

If you don't want to include a photograph of the deceased on your front cover, you can put a photo inside. These funeral card templates often include a front and back design, with a matching color on the inside pages. 

This card can be used as a companion to a traditional-sized program, or it can be distributed on its own.

You can choose from a variety of beautiful, colorful designs or simple ones that are easy to print on colored paper using your black and white home printer. 32 lb. 

You can either print your mini-program cards on 32 lb. paper or buy Avery perforated paper from any office supply shop. The perforated paper makes it easier to cut the paper in half and divide the cards.