Protect Your Home with Window Locks

It was reported that more than half of the theft occurred in Britain through forced windows. The thief breaks the window and then slides the catch, opening the window, or simply forcing the window to be unsafe. So how can you protect yourself?

Now one of the easiest ways is to install a window lock. The window lock does not require a lot of money and the installation will make the bugler the choice for destroying windows that might make enough noise to increase the neighbor's attention, or give up and go to another house that is less secure. To get more knowledge about window locks, you can navigate

One of the most important considerations is whether the window is often used. If so, then there is always the possibility that it will be a weak point in the security of your home because there is always the possibility that you might forget to lock the window that is often used.

Surface-mounted frame locks offer lower security than rack bolts because the efficiency of the frame lock installed on the surface depends on the robustness of the frame itself. Unfortunately, the installation of rack bolts is not always an easy process and the holes must be drilled to install bolts.

For metal-framed windows, Cockspur, Frame and Integral keys available. The Cockspur key slides to secure the window. The lock frame is attached to the window and has a safety hook with a frame edge. The integral frame lock is specifically designed to fit the casement frame