Baby Health – Baby Sleeping Problems

Lack of sleep or sleep disturbances can be exhausting, when babies experience insomnia on a regular basis, it can trigger stress and disturbance for both mother and father.

Problems rarely last too long unless there is an underlying medical reason why your child is very unsafe.

But if your baby is trying to fall asleep and keep you awake, there are a few things you can try to work on your baby's sleep problems: Well! you can also use baby swaddle bag in order to take comfort of your baby  into consideration.

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 Get the right mindset

Your newborn baby wants to be close to you and hear familiar voices. 

Create a relaxing sleeping environment. Close the curtains.

Follow the same routine every night to signal that you're going to bed, and try to start at the same time each morning.


Baby sleep problems can be caused by your baby too hot or too cold. Cold hands do not mean the baby is cold.

Test your body: A milky throat means it's too warm and uncomfortable for him.

Sound and light: Some babies don't like the quiet in the room and prefer a soothing background sound – perhaps a fan or music.

Night lights, such as baby monitor lights, are very convenient for many babies.

Entertainer: Many babies need a blanket (perhaps a blanket or a cuddly toy) to fall asleep, and if used properly, blankets can put your baby to sleep. Don't give him a blanket next time and he'll realize that it means sleep.