Why Should You Recycle Camera Batteries?

Everywhere you go today, there's a campaign in place to help save the environment. One of the most recommended ways towards achieving this goal is through recycling of used products. And recycling of camera batteries is definitely in.

Camera batteries are made from various acids, metals and other compounds that when thrown away, can harm the environment. The alkaline and button type batteries, for instance, contain silver, mercury, cadmium, lithium and other heavy metals. You can also purchase 18650 lithium ion battery online.

When they are released into the environment, they can enter the water table and also produce adverse results when incinerated. Research has also found that 70 percent of the toxic waste presents in landfills were actually contributed by wastes from electronic devices.

It is for this reason that battery manufacturers and experts strongly recommend recycling of this camera accessory instead of just throwing them away in the garbage bins. Some people may think that just because they're using the disposable camera batteries, they can just get rid of them any way they like it.

The proper way to dispose of your old batteries is to bring them to your local camera store. It may not necessarily have to be the store from where you purchase your equipment. What's important is they accept old batteries for recycling purposes.

You can also find out from your community if they have a recycling program that accepts old camera batteries. If no such program exists, you can check some websites that offer this. Some would charge a small fee for doing the recycling for you.