Swimwear And Sun Protection

It used to be that we joyfully when lying around on the beach under the scorching sun. That's because we do not understand the dangers. We are now more aware of the dangers of what was presented by too much exposure to the sun.

Everything from mild irritation to more serious issues such as blistering and in some cases even skin cancer. The good news is that though because we are more educated about the dangers of sun exposure there are more things available to help us combat the effects. You can buy UV protected swimwear via coegawear.

At the end of the day, sunburn should be avoided and should not be allowed to happen with children. Many people make the wrong assumption that the t-shirts will protect them or their children's skin. This, in many cases, not just cases.

Most clothing will act as a barrier of some of the sun but the problem lies in the UV or ultra-violet radiation from the sun.

The Composition Of The Fabric

You need to know what the clothes are made of and find out what the natural sun protection factor will offer you. Different fabrics will give different results.


A dense weave will provide more protection from the sun than a loose weave. So, if you can find yourself garments made of fabrics that have a high sun protection factor and are also woven into dense then you are not a good start. For example, a normal cotton t-shirt will provide less protection from the sun than is made of lycra.


It is important to realize because of the possibility that if you use clothes to help protect you from the sun while on vacation, at some point they are likely to get wet.

Therefore, it is important to understand that the fabric loses some sun protection ability when they get wet, depending on the fabric.