Wide Format Printing As a Profit Making Business Area

Wide-format printing is often an area that is seen by many print shops as it is often seen as a specialized market. The usual response from the company is that they do not have customers who request it, but is this more due to the fact that the print shop does not provide this service.

This could be a commercial suicide; by ignoring wide format (also known as large format) customers can be affected by the lure of a print shop that serves all print services rather than printers that only concentrate on small forms. You can also get UV roll to roll printers online at www.inkjetmonkey.com/uv-roll-to-roll-printer.


Large format is an expensive device and should not be taken lightly, but the benefits far exceed this cost. A typical A1 (841mm x 594mm) mold would cost an average print shop around 1.25GBP to produce and has a retail price of around 15GBP which results in a fantastic 13.75GBP profit from one print.

How many A5 prints need to be run before this profit level is reached? Take for example the Epson 9890 Stylus Pro, which costs a little under 5,000GBP, the initial investment will require 350 A1 prints a year or one A1 print a day!

What really makes large-format stand out is the fact that printing can be combined with items such as banner rollers and pop upholders that both carry a premium and can ensure greater profit margins than just one single print.

Picking the Right Flatbed Scanner for a Home/Office

If you are like most people, whether at home or at work you sit at your desk among other and other documents, newspapers and memos; most likely these things prevent you from doing real work.

However, if you have a flatbed scanner you will be able to clean all the documents that mess up your space. With a little effort, you will be able to scan all these things and save documents on your PC. You can look for the right flatbed printers at https://www.inkjetmonkey.com/.

large format printers for sale

This is a fact because with optical character recognition or OCR software, the scanner can convert printed documents into electronic documents that can be stored for editing as needed.

Not only will it save the document but it will also be able to import images to your correspondence which will turn boring but tedious documents into works or art from advertisements to presentations, webpages and e-mail messages for a beautiful marketing section.

So why don't you want to buy a scanner, if that's the price you're worried the most efficient scanner can run under $ 300.00 and still be able to give you software bundle performance because for years the flatbed scanner has greatly improved.

Laboratory tests for general color accuracy and resolution using professional photos and then testing them on the scanner to check OCR capabilities.

Finally, we spend some time using bundled software, from OCR to fax capabilities, which is included with each scanner for accurate testing of each package.