How To Choose An Ad Network In India?

The online advertising market is growing rapidly & so the number of ad networks has increased in the market. Advertisers are getting confused while choosing the best advertising network for their business.

Here are some points that help advertisers in making any decision before choosing an ad network:

Target: The advertiser should think about the target audience, i.e. Country, Age, Gender, etc. Almost all ad networks support all the countries, but some ad networks have a better audience in a specific country or local area.

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Good Publishers: Always choose an ad network which is having huge & quality publishers. Eg: If you are selling health-related products then you need health-related websites only. Ask for the site's list related to your business.

Decide System: Set your goal before choosing an ad network. If you want to promote your brand, then choose CPM (cost per thousand impressions) ad network.

If you want to generate leads (database for product sale), then choose a CPA (cost per action) ad network. CPC (cost per click) system is best for driving traffic to your website.

Budget: Remember, you need good returns on your investment. Decide your advertising budget & then choose an advertising network. Compare 4-5 top ad networks & then take the decision.

Ask for Testimonials: Try to get the list of testimonials from the advertising companies in the same category.

Customer Support: The last most important factor is customer support. Check service of technical, sales & billing department. 24/7 support is always the best.