Tips For Decorating A Coastal Home In Australia

Many people mistakenly confuse coastal decor with beach-inspired decor when they are considering decorating a coastal home. While there are many good things about nautical decor, whitewashed walls, and seashells on the wall, coastal decorating doesn't always have to be all about replicating the beach in your home.

The demand for seaside wall decor in Australia is increasing as we crave the ocean and beach lifestyle which to some of us represents freedom, peace, and a relaxed luxe. This guide will show you how to build a stunning coastal home that is unique and personal.

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1. Choose your color pallet

Your home does not have to be white or blue, but it doesn't mean you can't use pastels and other colors near the coast. Consider the fact that living in such an area can be more enjoyable if it is lightened up and has more natural light. 

Consider a neutral palette, but be bold with accent walls and bright fabrics. Be sure to choose colors and patterns that are consistent with your design style. However, darker colors can draw in a space, while clever placement can create the illusion that there is more.

2. Create a relaxing and relaxed atmosphere

Choose furniture that is both practical and design-driven. For example, a sofa or bed that is comfortable, as well as enough storage. 

Also, consider temperature and protection from the elements. To stimulate your senses, use candles and fireplaces. Consider the scents, sounds, and touch that you associate with the atmosphere that you want to create. These few simple principles will help you create a light, airy, and relaxed coastal atmosphere.