Different Types Of Kitchen Countertops

Granite features high density and hardness, wear-resistant and acid/alkali resistant, making it an ideal material for kitchen table tops or worktops. Dirt or chemicals that is difficult to penetrate because of the high-density granite and wear-resistant properties.

But the granite has a length limit in the fabrication, so it is not possible to create a kitchen table in one piece, which means he has stitches. If the seam is not handled properly, dirt or chemicals can penetrate the layer where the bacteria can generate. So we recommend employing qualified workers to install a table or worktop. You can hire a marble kitchen countertops company from various online sources.

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Stainless steel kitchen countertops have a modern look and fashionable. The surface is very bright and clean-looking. There is no place at the table of bacteria hide, so it is the best anti-bacterial material between the materials we introduced six tables in this article.

The disadvantage is that the stainless steel surface is easy to scratch and claw cannot be returned. So we need to pay attention when cleaning the stainless steel table.

Some people like wood countertops because they are natural and have a unique texture. Wood countertops are lightweight and DIY friendly, so people prefer to do it themselves. But the wood surface is not resistant to wear and acid/alkali resistance.

The seam between the respective parts is difficult to control and when to get water in the timber, it will get the mold and become degraded. So it is not durable to use as other materials.