What Office Stationery Do You Really Need?

Whether you are running a multinational or self-employed, you need lots of office supplies to keep your business running smoothly.

1. You will need a lot of printer paper for your laser or inkjet printer. Also, if you are printing photos, you will need a lot of photo printer paper for the best results. You can also check the DIVINE – stationery set box online from various websites.

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2. Notebooks are very useful and can be used for everything from taking notes about appointments, jotting down ideas on trains, and keeping your notes and ideas while on the phone.

3. Pens and pencils are very personal and although you may like certain types, not everyone likes them and the cheapest pens are not always comfortable for writing. You should buy them carefully.

4. Scissors, duct tape, and all the other office supply opportunities and targets you didn't know you got when you needed them. You may also want a glue stick, ruler, pencil case, eraser, and staples.

5. Folders and bindings are the perfect way to organize your documents and notes so you know where they are and store them safely. Make sure your employees have all the folders and binders they need to have sales materials, product information, and brochures.

6. You'll be using a lot of envelopes every month, whether you're just sending out invoices at the end of the month or sending hundreds of letters to customers every day. You need to make sure you have window pockets, A4 pockets, and lined pockets.