Know about Knee Replacement Rehab Exercises

Total knee replacement surgery is a major surgery performed only after other methods of conservative treatment have failed. During the surgery cuts are made in several areas, starting with a long longitudinal incision down the front of the knee at the top of the patella (kneecap), extending down to the tibial tubercle.

A cut is then made deep into the capsule to reach the knee joint. At this point, the knee is fully exposed. Smaller cuts were made to remove the bone and cartilage in the correct deformity before the hearing hardware fit into the knees and tests for various movements.

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When the fitting is made, the pieces are permanently moved into place and sealed therewith bone cement. Rehabilitation exercises knee replacement will begin immediately.

On the day of surgery, the foot with a new knee will be placed in CPM, or continuous passive motion machine, which will gently begin a variety of motion therapy for 4-6 hours. This will be repeated every day of the remnants of the patients admitted to the hospital, usually three.

Physical therapy will begin on the following day and take place twice a day, with a knee replacement rehabilitation exercises including motion exercises, stretching and strengthening, and began to walk with the aid of a walker.

Patients usually go home on the 3rd day after the surgery, although depending on their recovery, they can go for a short 5-12 day stay at a rehabilitation facility.