Helpful Information About Setting Up A Miller Trust In Arizona

Senior citizens usually have access to at least one federal benefits program, including medical and social security. All seniors over 65 years old can apply for the Medicaid medical care benefit. 

There are exceptions to the rule that could make you ineligible for the program. There are situations where an applicant's income exceeds the legal amount to be eligible for Medicaid. 

To make the applicant eligible for long-term nursing home care benefits, a qualified income trust must be established with their income. This trust is also known as a Miller trust. You can also find more about miller trust in Arizona at

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It is recommended that you hire an elder law attorney to help with the details of setting up a Miller trust. The trust is used to hold the additional income of the Medicaid applicant who is not eligible. 

A trustee is chosen and the applicant is removed from the trust. After the approval of the Medicaid application, the trust income will be distributed according to the state's department responsible for family services. The state allows the applicant to keep a portion of the income. If the spouse's income is below that amount, the state will allow them to deduct some of the income from their spouse.

An elderly person may also use the Miller trust's excess income to pay a set amount for nursing home care.