Interesting Grey Hair Facts You Should Know


It’s considered normal when an individual sees a strand of grey hair and goes crazy. One of the ways many people do to cover their grey hair is either by plucking it out or via coloring their grey hair. In the earlier days, many people used to feel underrated or even hampered their confidence due to the grey hair however, those days are now numbered. Today, grey hair is now considered as a trend by many experts and it is due to these interesting facts.

  1. Genetic – When it comes to genetics, nobody can actually play with it unless or until you are a crazy scientist. And if you belong to a family of members having grey hair in their early days, you need to simply accept it and move on.
  2. Different – One of the reasons going grey was due to the loss of a pigment called melanin. However, grey hair today is considered as easy thin in nature, coarser and easier to manage compared to other types of hairs.
  3. Lifestyle – Traditionally, grey hair was due to the type of diet and lifestyle we lived. Moreover, a few reasons for grey hair included taking a lot of stress, smoking, and bad eating habits.
  4. Excessive Smoking –An individual who smokes excessively on a daily basis is another reason that leads to grey hair. Moreover, even a passive smoker is bound to get grey hair if he or she hangs around people who smoke excessively.

These are some of the facts that lead to grey hair. You can try to get rid of it or even slow down the growth rate of grey hair with the help of keratin hair treatment at home.

How Often Should I Get a Haircut Based on Width, Texture and Style?

Does your hair fall under these categories? If yes, then great. However, many people do not understand the importance and the time when it comes to getting a haircut. Let’s focus on the times when you should have a haircut based on the width, texture, and style of your hair.

Based on Width:

  • Thick Hair –People with thick hair can stretch for a few months without the need to visit a salon. However, it is important to understand that during these months, the hair strands can become unruly and rough.
  • Thin Hair – People with thin hair need to be careful when it comes to a haircut. For one; the hair may start to look lackluster after some time and second; you also need to consider potential breakage which is quite often.

Based on Texture:

  • Coarse Hair – Similar to thick hair, you may not require haircuts for a few good months. However, you may require one if you require a new, refreshing and stylish look.
  • Fine Hair – People with fine hair require more trims than the ones with coarse hair. Keep in mind to have a haircut once in 6 months to keep the length of the hair.

Based on Style:

  • Straight Hair –People with straight can stretch for around 10 to 12 weeks before needing a trim. However, if the hair strands are on the thin side then make sure you book an appointment a few days or week in advance.
  • Curly Hair – People with curly hair can trim twice a year.

Whatever the type of hair you have, make sure you also do natural keratin treatment for hair at home.