SharePoint Online With Office 365

SharePoint Online is part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite and with cloud-based services can be accessed anywhere from a PC, Tablet, Smartphone, or other device with an internet connection. Microsoft Office 365 – cloud-based service – is a very reliable and secure platform that increases productivity.

Collaborating across offices, branches in various time zones and continents become very fast and easy because SharePoint Online services save time and increase profits. SharePoint Online has made sharing of documents, spreadsheets and important business data seamless. You can also create intranet with SharePoint on office 365

Some SharePoint Consulting Services recommend Office 365 SharePoint online to increase business productivity.

SharePoint Online was developed in 2001 from Microsoft to integrate content and manage documents through an intranet and is used in conjunction with the Microsoft suite.

It has gone through several layers of change to absorb important and useful features from process integration, social networking functions, business intelligence tools, system integration capabilities, to the newly developed SharePoint 2013 offered with Office 365. This includes enhanced and attractive features in document functions management, social media and search.

Since the invention of the server, it has become a common feature in top offices to have an internal data center to store data.

Cloud-based services have revolutionized this process. Because of cloud-based services, there is a shift from on-site services to cloud-based services because organizations don't need to manage hardware and software updates or manage the organizations that host these servers.