How Does a Rock Revetment Wall Impact Your Property?

Living beside a water body has many advantages. You can go fishing, boating, or just enjoy the natural beauty of the area.  However, this means that you are more vulnerable to damaging elements such as erosion, flooding, and pests.

These elements can be a threat to your shoreline. To protect your shoreline, a rock revetment wall is a crucial step. This wall is made of small pieces of rock that are stacked along your shoreline. A seawall is a barrier that separates the water from your property.

Here are important reasons why retaining walls are so useful for people who live near water bodies.

Rip Rap Walls Protect Against Erosion

Protecting your property with a rock revetment wall helps to stabilize areas at high risk of erosion. Your shoreline is vulnerable to erosion from rivers and lakes. These problems can cause significant damage and increase costs.

A rip rap design uses rocks to absorb water's flow and motion. The shoreline will not be eroded if there is no water movement.

Rock revetment is Eco-Friendly

It will deter animals like muskrats from tunneling through your property. The natural exterior of the rock revetment wall promotes eco-friendliness.

Plants are protected by rock placement. For a natural appearance, plants can grow between rocks. Check for invasive species like weeds during your inspections. The natural beauty of the rocks can be enhanced by marine wildlife nesting in them.