Seattle Select Movers-Hire The Best For Easy Move

Moving can be stressful. There are horror stories of movers destroying TVs and causing damage to photo albums.

Moving costs can run into the thousands if you have a lot of items and are moving across the country. There are no more horror stories. These tips will help you get all your boxes in order, no matter when you move next month or within six months.

Ask for a guarantee on your estimate

Nobody wants to pay a higher fee than they originally quoted after the job is done. You want to find a moving services company that won't charge more than the estimate.


Examine your mover's policy.

Moving companies will often include insurance for your belongings as part of their moving costs. Ask them if they use weight or value to calculate your insurance. 

Learn about the various types of moving insurance and then compare your estimates to find out about insurance policies. has a comparison tool that allows you to get estimates from other people.

Verify that there aren't any hidden charges

Extra fees may be charged by movers for heavy items, items that must be dismantled or gas lines that must be disconnected. They will also have to travel up and down stairs and through narrow driveways. These issues should be discussed with the movers when you get your estimate.

Enjoy the best treatment

Many movers will offer packing materials as part of the moving cost. Before buying a lot of bubble wrap, ask if the packing materials will be included in your entire package. Many movers will deliver your boxes on the day of your move.