New Students Orientation Program

There are several approaches to new students’ orientation. Which approach or combination of approaches is right for your company depends on the size and structure of your business. For more information about how to build a successful orientation program then you may visit this website.

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Most organizations do their orientation on an individual basis, but some larger companies can hire and begin students at the same time and can manage a group orientation program.

Students Handbook: An student handbook usually contains information that describes the college’s policies, benefits as well as information, and history about the college. This can be a useful tool for introducing employees to the company and may contain reference information.

Buddy System: An informal approach is a buddy system, where new students partnered with the student’s experience and learn by working with the students. This approach works well if you just rented occasionally and in small quantities. Senior students who will be expected to show new students around the job site, make introductions and answer questions from newcomers.

Formal Program Orientation: A more structured approach can be taken, and often very successful for a larger company. This may include a more extensive handbook with details on the scale of salary, vacation or holiday procedures, training and education benefits, insurance benefits, pension plans, etc.

Putting effort into welcoming and starting your new students off in a positive manner to ensure that they start with high motivation and morals. This will help to improve the performance of the job as the new students will have a clear understanding of the organization and what their role is.