Fun Books for Reading at Bedtime

Recent reviews of a book for older children have provided observations such as the following:

'I'm still not sure if this book is moving towards children or adults. It was read with utter laughter, with the author woven fantasy and legend with real history.

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Fun Books for Reading at Bedtime

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And another reviewer wrote:

'A purely comic fantasy adventure that is great for young readers to convert from picture books to "real" books. Each chapter is a complete story in itself that is perfect for its target audience. Parents who read this aloud to their children are sure to laugh with it. '

Both reviewers identified an essential feature of a book at bedtime: a book to be read with a young person to read and still to complete the art of reading, that it would help both children and parents.

Older children are guided by teachers and encouraged by parents to do most of their studies for themselves, but for some time the great joy of being read by a parent before bed is an older child May be reluctant to abandon. At the same time, parents are only human and may feel that enough time has already been spent on children's stories.

So reading the next generation of books together requires providing some interest to parents as well as entertainment for their offspring. Reviewers cited above both, this quality is featured in the book under review.

Many jokes can be shared in a book written for older children, and some that only Mum or Dad can appreciate. But nothing provokes a question like a joke missed, and a parental pinch can lead to a buzz.

The jokes memorized by children often relate to the adult approach to life and work: the knowledge that needs to be gained through adolescence. It is always beneficial to encourage questions for the children's book, and laughter from the mom or dad is a trigger that is the children's autos.