What Is Residential Property Lending?

Residential property lending may seem like a complicated concept for those that don’t know what it is, but there are actually some simple explanations of the process in this article. 

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Learn how lenders will decide on your loan request and get an idea of what they might be looking for when they evaluate your application.

What Is Residential Property Lending?

When you think of home ownership, what typically comes to mind is a big, beautiful house in a tranquil neighborhood. But what if you could own a property without having to live in it? That’s the concept of residential property lending. 

With residential property lending, you can borrow money to purchase an investment property that you don’t have to live in yourself. 

There are a few things to consider before getting started with this type of loan: 

1. Location – One of the most important factors to consider when borrowing for an investment property is the location. Make sure the area you’re considering has good prospects for growth and is within your budget.

2. Property Size and Type – When choosing a residential property to invest in, make sure to choose one that is sized appropriately for your needs and has the type of structure that you’re looking for. For example, if you’re looking for a rental property, make sure the property is well-maintained and has all the necessary amenities .

3. Loans and Fees – Remember that loans come with associated fees, such as origination fees (the cost of getting the loan), interest rates, and prepayment penalties.

These Factors Influence the Growth Rate of Commercial Real Estate


If you ask professional investors, they too undergo a lot of thought before making an investment in commercial real estate. Examples of commercial real estate include office buildings, malls, hotels that are known to generate money. If you are interested in investing in a commercial real estate, then these are influencing factors that drives the growth forward.

  • Closer to Residential Buildings and Better Demographics – Today’s commercial real estates are preferred to be built close to residential buildings. In turn, this has allowed humans to save money, time and energy while traveling from their homes to workplace. This ensures better workflow for the individual while spending 9 to 10hours working.
  • Due to Office Size Influence – Rather than choosing a larger size office, companies are preferring smaller ones. Moreover, landlords focus more on leasing their property to tenants in order to earn some profit based on the lease time.
  • Higher Interest Rate – Investing in a commercial real estate is all about generating higher rate of interest which is looked by many investors. This in turn offers the investors a chance to earn profit. But there is a small problem to this as few investors may find it extremely expensive when it comes to investing in the same property.

These are the factors that has influenced the growth of commercial real estate. If commercial real estate in not your taste, then you can always invest in a private property by hiring the best property law lawyers.