Opt For Electric Pool Covers in the UK

Having a swimming pool is a great thing but it requires regular maintenance and changing the chemicals from time to time. Keeping the water clean should be your main priority. For regions with excessive rainfalls, you may need pool cover pumps to remove excess water.

Swimming pool pumps come in different types like plain, automatic, and submersible. Pool covers should not experience immense water stress, especially in the winter seasons. Cover pumps like Little giant can easily remove the water in a quick time.

You can buy an electric pool covers via https://www.poolenclosures-poolcovers.co.uk/automatic-pool-covers/.

electric pool covers

An automatic pool cover is completely hands-free, allowing you to open and close your pool with ease. You can enjoy the convenience and flexibility your pool was meant to bring! You won’t need to worry about unfastening and hauling a heavy cover on and off your pool whenever you’re ready for a swim! The electric drive system allows you to open and close your pool in minutes without worrying about expensive strings or pulley systems that snap or corrode over time.

Most cover pumps are electric and work similarly to standard pumps. Using such a pump can save you from unnecessary floods. It can be used to drain basements and boats too.

Cover pump installation is fairly simple and won’t require much time. Most of them are very light and easy to move around. You will find detailed instructions on how to use them in the instruction guide for most models.

Submersible pumps may be the best for regions with heavy rainfalls. Basic pumps may be good enough for dry regions. 

Pool Cover Roller Which Type Do You Need?

The advantages of pool covers are known: they keep the water warmer, protect leaves, insects and dirt, shorten cleaning time, prevent evaporation and reduce chemical losses. Everything is good. However, if you have a pool cover, you will need a pool cover roll and fully-automatic pool cover reel, also known as a pool roof coil system.

Why do you have to have a pool roller cover?

Think of it this way: do you know how difficult it is to fold large sheets?

The point is that with a roller, lifting and loosening the pool lid is breath – the whole process takes less than a minute. Without a roller is a great pain. Sunroof cover may be relatively lightweight, but still large and wet. The thermal blanket is not only big and wet, but also heavy.

To make your life easier by yourself, depending on the type of pool cover you need a pool cover roll or actually a pool cover roll.

If you remove the pool cover by hand, it is possible that it will be pulled on uneven ground, rocks, etc. And maybe scratched or torn.

However, pool roof rollers completely eliminate this risk and thus extend the life of the pool cover.

The main point with a pool cover is that not only does it heat up your pool and shorten the cleaning time, but it also lowers your pool's operating costs by about 50% or more. However, it is very likely that you will only save money if you use the pool cover as often as you want. And the easier it is to remove and remove the cover, the more likely you are to do it.