Five Basic Tools For Beginner Paper Crafters

Whenever you're just beginning as a newspaper crafter and possibly have a limited budget too, how can you decide on your very first card scrapbook or making tools? It can be that you're starting out with no paper crafting friends to show you the way.

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Five Basic Tools For Beginner Paper Crafters

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Could not it be convenient to have some notion of where to begin? Would not it be wonderful to have a listing of resources and also an explanation of why they'd be helpful?

Every newspaper crafter requires another travel. I can provide you the advantage of my experience, although my listing may do just help you determine how to change it to match your tool requirements.

Without further ado, here is my list of 'essential' tools and why I chose them:

  • A paper guillotine. Most scrapbook paper or card stock is at least 12 "x 12 '(30.5 x 30.5cms) in dimension. I have always wanted to make similar and precise cuts from this paper, and hand cutting it is nowhere near as efficient as guillotining.
  • A variety of fine scissors. You will always want to do your paper hand cutting. Sharp, strong scissors is a 'must-have' for me.
  • A good, all-purpose glue. There are so many different glues! If you are booking scrap and want to keep your album indefinitely, make sure you choose an acid-free glue.
  • A self-healing cutting mat. Such a mat slightly reduces your work (this is really important in rubber stamping), protects your furniture, and also allows you to cut it without harming you.
  • A bone folder. A bone folder is a must if you want to create nice, sharp creases that will take your projects to a higher level.

When you have the basics at your fingertips, you can create with more ease and pleasure.

As soon as you've got the basic tools and also have begun to utilize them, you will most likely be interested in looking for some of the advanced paper crafting methods.