Why Learn Bollywood Dance

Are you a novice trying to pick dancing? Or do you want a fun workout? Or you are someone who loves dancing but doesn’t want to bound yourself in one single type of dance form? Bollywood dance is to the rescue! It’s in trend right now. It is easy to learn and fun to do. And most importantly it can be anything you want it to be.

Bollywood dance style includes a variety of different dance styles like Punjabi, hip-hop, contemporary, and a bunch of other Indian folk and classical dances. It is so because Bollywood music is essentially a fusion of a variety of music genres and hence when dancing on those songs, dance takes up the same variety. Also, this is the most trending dance style in India right now. So you should definitely learn Bollywood dance.

Bollywood dance is really fun. It doesn’t mean that other dance styles are not, but this is one dance style where you can just let yourself go,  Anyone and everyone can do it You don’t need to have formal training to perform. This form is for the masses and there is something for everyone. Which means anyone can learn and perform it.

This is the perfect dance form to pick for beginners. If you are not sure what dance form to go for, try Bollywood and figure out from there. You will get an idea of other forms and then you’ll be able to decide which suits you the best. Any dance is a great workout. That being said, I find Bollywood to be the best and the most fun.