The Major Documents An Estate Planning Attorney Can Help You With

A real estate attorney, also known as a probate lawyer or prosecutor, assists in real estate planning by writing down your disability and death wishes. This lawyer knows the right documents to use and offers options to ensure that your goals are implemented correctly.

The leading estate planning attorney in Massachusetts attorneys focus their practices on estate law and advise their clients on how to best protect their family and assets in the event of death or incapacity.

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A revocable living trust is also a very popular estate plan document because of the flexibility and protection it provides. 

Irrevocable Trust is used in special cases

These types of trusts are often used in special circumstances. Oftentimes people who are planning for a family member who has special needs will get this type of trust.

Irrevocable trusts are much more permanent than revocable living trusts meaning they can't be changed once they are created. Most people are able to achieve their estate planning goals with a revocable trust and often opt for these because they are able to be changed at any point prior to death. Estate planning is an important process that helps you make sure that your legacy is passed onto your loved ones in the most efficient way possible.