How a Low-Carb Keto Diet Can Help You Lose Weight

Unlike other diet programs of the fitness industry, a low carbohydrate keto diet offers you immense freedom of choice. This makes sticking to meal plans a hell lot easier without resorting to cheating meals every now and then.

Since there are so many foods to choose from, you won't have to sacrifice eating out with your friends or skipping a wholesome meal with the family. Most diets fail because they are too restrictive and get in the way of real-life responsibilities. Many people are starting keto again because of its nonrestrictive nature.


The principle behind low-carb weight loss is based on the fact that our body is forced to burn fat in the absence of ample carbohydrates. Otherwise, our body secretes insulin that tells the body not to burn fat and use the food as fuel.

Spinach, lettuce, and other leafy greens are natural low-carb foods that pack plenty of nutrition. About one serving consisting of half a cup delivers 3g of good carbohydrates. You may also add cabbage to the mix to add 5g more to the diet.

Broccoli is well known for its nutritious value. One whole medium stock of broccoli serves around 8g of high-quality, complex carbs highly useful for our body.