Driving With A Joystick: The Joys Of RC Car Racing In Melbourne

Remote control cars may have been around for years and years, but there's still something fresh and exciting about them. Perhaps it's the face of every kid who starts racing one, seeing his face light up as he watches the miniature car that he's controlling do everything he asks of it.

There's something that speaks to kids and adults alike. The simple joy of sending a small vehicle flying down a path at high speeds that, comparatively, would get you pulled over for a traffic violation on the highway.

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RC cars come in a variety of sizes, from just a few inches long to feet in length. This means two things: you can find an RC vehicle that can perform exactly the trick or maneuver you desire, and you can find one that fits into your price range.

RC cars needn't be expensive and huge; they just have to satisfy your hunger for control, freewheeling fun, and any other reason you decided to purchase a remote-controlled car or another electronic miniature vehicle in the first place.

For the younger set, you'll want to consider a few things before buying a remote-controlled car. Size matters: if you're afraid your kid will break it too easily, go for a small car that can take a lot of roughhousing. If he's older and would roll his eyes at a mini car, give him or her a larger model, which looks cooler and more substantial to children as they age.