Cuisine In South Indian Weddings

The most essential part of the marriage function for your guests is generally the meals you serve. This is the best time for them to mix around with other relatives and friends. Click to read more about South Indian dishes for weddings.


Breakfast is usually simple stuff. Idli, upma Vadas are usually served for breakfast. You can also use a small dessert with this like kesari bath. Just make sure you serve the best south Indian coffee.


Lunch is a complex job. Always start the meal with the portion of a paaysa. This is supposed to mean a soft debut for the couple. Lunch should consist of several vegetables, dals, Sambar, Rasam, and yogurt. You can also include special rice dishes such as chitranna, bath Vangi, bisibele bath, etc. The most important way to southern India marriage is dessert. Usually 2 or 3 sweet products are included. ladoos, badushas, Mysore Pak etc. Chirotis and Penees are the most exotic desert options.

Having dinner

Ironically, dinner served in a South Indian wedding is a complete mixture of all Indian cuisine. Chaats, Dosas dishes, puris, naans, rotis, paneer and Pulav are served. Desserts usually include rasgullas, Rasmalai, gulab jamuns, gajar halwa and ice cream.

Kharad Oota or not Veg Party

Most South marriages in India do not have non-veg food as a part of the whole wedding. A few days after the wedding, some non-Vegetarian party is thrown to relatives and close friends of the bride and groom. The party includes kababs and biryani and alcohol served perhaps.