Hot Water Tank Replacement in Burnaby – How to Solve Odors and Bad Taste

Usually during the hot summer time homeowners generally call either their water utility or their pipes heater tradesman or builder to complain about foul smelling water that also tastes awful. 99% of it is a case of hot water tank sediment. In conjunction with the symptom of foul water taste and scents could also be low sink.

hot water tank replacement

While the putrid smell of the house water source might happen in the summer time due to algae blossoms in the water source, it's not a frequent problem. Winter time intervals of class may be almost ruled on the spot in terms of plumbing diagnostic workups. The heating and plumbing shop or even the water utility may suggest that you want a hot water tank replacement in Burnaby. You can also get more information on hot water tank replacement in Burnaby via

Generally only draining the sediment out of the hot water tank would be the very simple fix. It's really simple to do that , most home and property owners could do it as straightforward as 1, 2, and 3 together with nominal supplies, expertise and tools with minimal fear of damage or mistakes. 

Here's a simple sequence which could be followed to replace out the hot water tank in Burnaby : 

1) When you have a gas (natural gas / propane / butane) hot water heater, shut the valve supplying the gas source.  

2) Next turn off the coldwater supply into the tank. It should be straightforward to spot. There is a valve near the floor entry into the water tank usually. Sometimes it is near the heater itself. If you are involved it is the incorrect valve , track the pipe through which the valve is attached to. Feel the pipe to get cold temperature as opposed to the hot water outlet pipe that is hot or at least warm to the touch.